Meditation Improves Business Success With Tom Cronin

Meditation Improves Business Success With Tom Cronin

How can mediation help you improve your business results?

In this short video Tom Cronin, Founder of The Stillness Project, shares his story and explains the benefit that a regular meditation practise can have on your business and life.

Tom shares his dark history as a stock market trader in the 80’s and how that led him to seek out a sustainable solution to the chaos in his life at that time.

“I felt a sense of discomfort and also a sense of sadness that I participated in a really debauched and decadent lifestyle. It was all about screwing the system for as much as you could get out of it. We did some really crazy things. We took it to the ultimate limits and we ended up paying a price for that after a few years. That extreme level of imbalance is not sustainable. – Tom Cronin”

Click play to watch:

Watch the full 30-minute interview to learn:

  • How meditation can help stressed out busy professionals and entrepreneurs increase productivity.
  • How to deal with frustration when meditating and Tom’s thoughts on silencing the mind.
  • How to find the right meditation technique for you.
  • Why meditation is one of the most effective tools for improving your life and balance.

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Join Tom for the world’s largest meditation experience on June 5th at The Stillness Project.

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